Hello Basilico’s friends, quick update...
we are close for holidays!
WHY? Well there is a new born to kiss, family to visit, friends to hug, mum's birthday to celebrate, and a lot of sunshine to feel.

So I hope to see you all in September 




In 2018 we had the dream of creating a small menu for home delivery to match the quality of a real italian pizzeria and the standard of a restaurant. The success of this dream has created the opportunity to open a second site where people can seat and enjoy our authentic artisan stone baked pizza and other home made specialty because, our continued commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in our seasonal menus: to deliver the finest artisan made woodfired pizzas, with committed service and value for money.


What sets Basili.co apart is that we're truly Neapolitan. Our aim is to provide great quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices. We focus on the basics of the Italian Ingredients choosing, the best hard grained flour, tomatoes, olive oil and parmesan cheese from the southern regions of Italy elevating the flavour with some fresh basil and garlic ripened under the warm sunshine of the seaside fields. This is the reason why Basili.co is Genuinely different!


Our promise to you is that "You will not find a more genuine Neapolitan experience outside Napoli!"
OR EMAIL basilicodorchester@gmail.com